The #WeekendCoffeeShare reviewing #ROW80 end Round 2

If we were having coffee…

Darn it! Sorry you came all the way out here. There’s no coffee tasting workshop today. My husband and I are bummed, but the barista just told me that Starbucks is changing how they release their Reserved coffees. Because the new batches haven’t arrived–and won’t until next month–there’s nothing new to experience. I know Dean could’ve come up with an interesting theme using the core coffees like another barista did last month, but there’s a crash of the drive thru computer screens and everyone is just super busy over there.

My week’s been exciting. The series finale of Person of Interest was incredibly satisfying. I’m okay letting go of the characters now. Now it’s time to watch the DVDs I have!

My sentimental husband woke me with a hug on Tuesday, our 14th Engagement Anniversary. **husband across the table blushes** Aw, don’t be like that. He took me out for dinner at Carson’s outside Ann Arbor We haven’t eaten there in, what, forever it seems. Since 2011 my Swarm app shows. I have no idea why it’s been so long. The food and atmosphere is good.


An award-winning article!

On Thursday, I got an email that I won another NFPW award for my writing! Two articlescount as one entry, and I struggled with which Michigan Scrapbooker Magazine articles were the strongest. I chose the scrapbooking with paint swatches one and journaling with social media updates. I won Second Place in National. Woot! Go me!  Okay, okay…. I’m not attending this year’s NFPW Conference, but I can’t wait to read the judge’s critique why my writing earned that award. Comments are as valuable as the award.
On that writing note, I’m focusing on my blog before we go out of town next week. I revised my About Me page to something that reads coherently, I hope, and doesn’t look sloppy like it’s been since I self-hosted my site. I’ve got blog posts still to migrate and other Pages to update, but this is a start.

That leads into my ROW80 goals. This Round of Words ended Thursday. The next one starts July 4th of all days, and I’ll be jumping in again. I’m looking back on what I’ve accomplished so far. My original Round 2 goals were:

1–Migrate my WordPress blog to the self-hosted one.
2–New business cards.
3–Complete AtoZ Challenge posts for 2016 AND 2015.
4–Catch up and keep up with email.
5–Update one thing on my blog each week.
6–Complete all blog/social media planner sheets for Happy Planner.
7–Schedule social media.
8–Schedule time to write/edit/promote my two current WIP books.
9–Put away holiday decorations.
10–Call family members.
11–Contact 2-5 potential editors.
12–Continue writing letters.
BONUS: Write for fun. Y’know, just play with words.

I added a few more along the way–schedule blogposts, Mission Statement, Scrivener and such–but that didn’t happen.

Looking back, I did okay. There are some completed tasks and some ongoing ones, That’s a success. I gotta think about my progress, or lack thereof, and look ahead to the 3rd quarter and what’s important to accomplish this summer.

*whew* Now that I’ve talked your ear off, what’ve you been up to this week?

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