I found Zentangle inspiration at a coffee shop

“But making mistakes is part of life’s imperfections…Is it so wrong to be human after all?”~Level 42, “Something About You”

I took my tangling on the road today to a new favorite coffee house. It’s a quiet place on the corner where they roast their own beans fresh, give you a pour-over cup of coffee, offer such specialties as a lavender coffee and have a selection of loose-leaf tea in an atmosphere where you don’t walk out smelling like burnt coffee grounds (like a favorite chain store of mine does).

I parked in a two-hour parking spot, so I had to run my errands, drink coffee and finish this week’s Diva Challenge in that timeframe. Deadlines help. Deadlines scare the freak outta me.

No sooner had I launched into the new tangle, pea-nuckle, when I got lost. You’d think this was my first time doing it, but maybe the pressure of time squeezed the concentration out of me. Much like Knightsbridge, a simple checkerboard, one mis-count and the pattern as planned is lost. So happened here, connecting wrong sections of one “S” chain. Nothing to do but skip over it, move to the next line, continue.

Feeling mopey, I wanted a dash of color, so the pink I brought with me perked me up just fine. I went on to the rest of the tangles, but I didn’t color in every space edge-to-edge. Lines weren’t even. There were stray chunks where I stopped my pen, lifted it and then fumbled to reconnect. I walked in with these expectations, forgiving myself for the rush job, knowing that’s okay sometimes, especially today. I finished before the timer on my phone went off.

The owner and I got talking, and I showed her my Zentangle tile. Her eyes widened. “Oh, my. This is beautiful. You did this?”

“Yes,” I replied, “while I was sitting here.” I was blushing and feeling very proud of myself. Even moreso when she held the tile out and, without any prompting, turned the tile to view it at different angles. Inspiring. Some people get it without knowing it.

She ooh’d and ahh’d over it a bit more, over my rush job, over my careless strokes. It was my less-than-best work. It was beautiful and amazing.

“I really like this splash of color here,” she said, losing herself in my tile for more than a few moments.

If only we could see the world more with others’ eyes.

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0 Responses to I found Zentangle inspiration at a coffee shop

  1. ledenzer says:

    Love the solid red color behind the pea-nuckle, it so defines the gorgeous lines!

  2. Darn Ledenzer stole my comment…your tile looks fantastic!

  3. Kathy says:

    I love your story. So often we focus on our flaws, sometimes it takes others to help us look past the flaws and see the beauty . Great tile!

  4. Annemarie Huijts says:

    Thanks for sharing your story; that’s why it is so nice to get commands from people after making the weekly challenge (or Dare). And …. indeed a very nice tile!

  5. Susan Art says:

    I think it is lovely and she is right, the splash of color adds a lot. What she didn’t know was that you were highlighting our challenge tangle…Great idea!!!

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