Do you play the game?

“God does not play dice.”~Albert Einstein, German scientist

But we do.

If you had told me that someday I would love a phone for being more than a phone, I would have laughed in your face. I just need a phone to call people. You also get nice flip phones for free with your contract, so why would I ever buy a phone? Then I discovered phones could take pictures and do this thing called texting Then I discovered smartphones that had maps and games and things called apps. You could even call and talk to people on them.

When I finally caved under braces-adjusting pain to buy one, I said, Oh I’ll never have more than a page or two of apps. I’ll just get free apps. After all, what do I need on a device that should just call people? Six screens later, I wonder how my life was ever meaningful without them?

I love blogging from my phone app. It allows me to share photos like this one, created in Halftone:


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